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Commercial Cleaning

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy space, without compromising the well-being of our planet. Our team of trained professionals use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products to ensure that your space is not only clean but also safe for you, your employees, and the environment. We pay attention to every detail, from the floors to the ceiling, to ensure that your space is spotless and inviting. 

Why Hire Kredo?


Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, professional cleaning services that exceed our clients' expectations. We have a team of experienced and well-trained professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Hiring Kredo means that you can focus on running your business while leaving the cleaning to us. With our reliable and efficient services, you can trust that your space will always be clean, inviting, and ready for business.

Why Hire Kredo

Janitorial Services 

Day Porters

Day porters play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness, order, and functionality within a commercial or residential environment. Their tasks may vary depending on the specific requirements of the facility they are assigned to, but their primary objective is to create a clean, safe, and welcoming space for occupants and visitors.

Night Cleaning 

Night cleaners perform a wide range of cleaning tasks throughout the facility. This includes vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting surfaces, wiping down furniture, and cleaning windows. They ensure that all areas, including offices, hallways, common areas, and restrooms, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Special Events 

A special event cleaning role involves providing cleaning services before, during, and after special events such as conferences, concerts, weddings, trade shows, and other large gatherings. This position is essential to ensure that event venues are kept clean, organized, and presentable throughout the event.

Sanitization & Disinfecting  

Both sanitation and disinfection are crucial in various settings, including offices, healthcare facilities, schools, workplaces, and public spaces. They play a vital role in preventing the spread of diseases, protecting public health, and maintaining a safe environment for individuals.

Water Extraction 

The primary objective of water extraction is to quickly and effectively remove excess water to prevent further damage and restore the affected area to its pre-damaged condition.

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Janitorial Services Offered
Janitorial Appointmet

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